a cross-cultural adventure in Cairo, Egypt


about us

Come see how quickly you can fall in love with a place and a people. As a participant in one of our programs, you will spend time in Cairo and experience for yourself what makes the Middle East such a fascinating place. You will visit mind-boggling historical sites, sample the best local dishes, and see the town from an insider’s perspective.

Best of all, you will get to know people. Each day of your trip will include opportunities to build personal relationships with English-speaking Egyptian students. We’re confident that you will come away with a renewed perspective, treasured friendships, and a collection of memories to last a lifetime!

Of all the goals we have, these are so critical to what we do: 

change perspectives, open minds, touch hearts

This is why we spend so much time and energy connecting you with locals while you're here.  Whether you stay with us one week or six months, it will be your connections with locals that will leave the lasting mark on your life.  You'll learn to see their world not just through your own eyes, but through theirs as well.  And upon your return home, you'll find that you see your own world a little differently too.


Our Services Include:

  • 10-day Trips

  • Semester Trips

  • Summer Trips

  • Internships


For info on coming as a student or sending a team, email us at: