You can turn your summer/semester trip into an internship. We have had students in several different fields gain credit in the past. The three common Internships we have had in the past have been: International Business, ESL, and Intercultural Studies.

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If you are interested in teaching ESL, for a degree program or simply a teaching certificate, we have ESL internship opportunities through local English schools and charities.


International Business

For an International Business Internship program, you will work directly with our company on projects and learn the ins and outs of running a business outside of the US.


Intercultural studies

During your time here, you will have the chance to go to seminars and tourist outings where you can learn more about the culture and history of Egypt, but also the everyday time spent with locals.

If you are interested in these internship opportunities, or have requirements in any other international degree, please contact us and we can work toward getting your requirements fulfilled.