Our summer program consists of many of the same activities as a short term trip, just more spread out.  In addition, you'll have the chance to learn the local language with a trained instructor.  There will also be additional cultural events where you can meet locals, and we might even work in a weekend trip to the beach.

A summer trip affords you more time to really go deep with locals and understand the culture in a more complete way.  



Join us for a semester, and you'll have the chance to settle into real life at your destination.  Diving deeper into local customs and traditions, and spending significant time learning the local language will provide you connections and experiences that you just can't have on a shorter trip.  

You may even be able to turn your summer or semester with us into an internship. Check out our internship opportunities and see if it might work for you.


What will you do?

  • Arabic study

  • English tutoring/teaching

  • Volunteer service

  • Cultural seminars

  • Cultural outings and events

  • One-on-one mentoring sessions

  • Social events with Egyptian students

  • Regular debrief and evaluation

  • Visits to ancient historical sites

  • Alexandria and Red Sea excursions